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With the integration in Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA) of the Management Body of Nestos Delta-Vistonida-Ismarida and Thasos and the Management Body of Rodopi Mountain Range National Park, the Management Unit of Nestos -Vistonida and Rhodope National Parks operates under N.E.C.C.A.’s Protected Areas Management Directorate (Sector A), based in Porto Lagos, Xanthi with a branch office in Mesochori Paranestiou.

National Park of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace

The wetland complex of the National Park is one of the most important in Greece, due to its large area and its great biological, aesthetic, scientific, geomorphological and educational value.
The purpose of establishing the National Park is the effective protection of the habitats and the rare species of flora and fauna that are endemic and reproduce in the area.
The first institutionalization of the protection of the Εastern Macedonia Thrace National Park took place in 1996 with the K.Y.A. 5796/16.9.1996 (Government Gazette B’ 854), while then followed K.Y.A. 44549/ 17.10.2008 (Government Gazette D’497), which is valid until today.
The National Park of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace includes the protected areas of Delta Nestos, Lake Vistonida, Lake Ismarida and their wider area, with a land and water total area of over 930,000 acres. EPAMATH extends to the Regional Units of Kavala, Xanthi and Rodopi. Its natural boundaries are, from the north the Rhodope Mountains, from the west the lowland area of Chrysoupoli, from the east the south-western part of the Rhodope Region and from the south the Thracian Sea.


Nestos Delta

Nestos Delta is located on the southern borders of the Regional Units (PE) of Kavala and Xanthi with a total area of approximately 500,000 acres and is bordered by the villages of Nea Karvali to the west, Toxotes to the north and Abdira to the east.
The Nestos Delta habitats are extremely diverse and make up a wildlife-friendly mosaic. The most distinct ones in the western part are: Vassova, Erateinou, Agiasmas, Keramoti, Monastiraki and the Chrysoupoli lakes and in the eastern part the Erasmio and Manganon lakes, as well as the section of the Nestos river from the Toxoton dam to its estuary with a length of 27 kilometers, where a part of the famous and largest riparian forest in the Balkans, the Koca-Orman (Great Forest), is preserved, with an area that touched 125,000 acres and trees that reached 40 meters in height, while their trunks reached two meters wide. Today there are only 4,500 acres left, which are under protection.


Lake Vistonida and lagoon complex

Lake Vistonida is one of the most beautiful wetlands in Greece, with lagoonal and lake characteristics. It extends to the provinces of Xanthi and Rodopi, with an area of approximately 42,000 acres and an average depth of 2.5 meters. The peculiarity of the lake lies in the fact that in the northern part it has fresh water, while in the southern part it is salty or brackish. This implies a great variety in species of flora and fauna.


Lake Ismarida and Rhodope Lagoons

Lake Ismarida or Mitrikou is located in the eastern part of the National Park. It is the only freshwater lake in Thrace, in the southern part of P.E. Rhodopis, with an area of approximately 3,200 acres and an average depth of 1 m. In its northern part, the Vosbozis river flows out, contributing to the development of a small but important riverside forest. South of Ismarida, on the shores of Vistonikos bay, the Rhodope lagoons extend: Xirolimni, Arogi , Aliki, Ptelea and Elos, with rich biodiversity.


The Straits of Nestos and the Aesthetic Forest of Nestos Straits.

An area west of Xanthi, which includes the gorge of the Nestos River and parts of Oros Lekanis and Achladovounos. It is characterized by high steep slopes, dense riparian forest, forested slopes with scrub maquis, stands of oak forest, rocky peaks, meadows and sandy, muddy places on islets and river banks.


Thassos (Mount Ypsario and coastal zone) & islets of Koinira, Xironisi. Surroundings of the port of Thassos. Sea area of Kavala-Thassos.

It includes parts of Thassos and the wider marine area, a small wetland in Limenas, as well as the marine area between Thassos and mainland Greece which is important for its fish fauna.

Palaio Bay – Eleftheron Bay
It is located in Eastern Macedonia and includes the sea part of Nea Peramos and the new Heraklitsa. Posidonia oceanica (Posidonia oceanica) meadows are found in the area